Veterans Nursing Consultants
What We Do
With over 35 years experience in nursing, we fully understand diagnoses and how they affect an individual’s ability to live alone and perform
activities of daily living.  In addition, we are knowledgeable of the language that is required on medical forms in order for the VA to be able to
rate an individual accurately for housebound or for aid and attendance (A & A).
Our HIPAA compliant registered nurses will contact the patient (or his/her contact person) to obtain medical information that is pertinent to the
VA medical Form 21-2680.  That information is then used to complete Form 21-2680, which is faxed (via a HIPAA compliant fax service) to the
patient’s medical provider who has the option of either signing the form or requesting a blank one.

Our nurses will follow up with the medical provider, answering any questions that he/she might have, and to ensure that the 21-2680  is
completed and signed as required by the VA.

Once the form has been faxed to our office, we will make sure that our client receives a copy.